The Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston (LRCGB) is an active community of dog lovers who care about the promotion and protection of the #1 Most Popular Breed in the American Kennel Club: the Labrador Retriever.   

Our non-profit organization was founded in 1974 by a group of Labrador fanciers – many of whom are still members today. We’re scattered from Maine to New York and beyond.

We breed, show, hunt, do therapy work, compete in obedience, rally, tracking, agility, and field – and of course –  just enjoy our Labradors as family pets. Many of our members take our dogs to nursing homes, schools and hospitals to make someone’s day a bit brighter. We also support the non-profit Labrador Retriever Rescue with funds and manpower.

The LRCGB has something for everyone. Every year we host more than a dozen breed, field and companion sport events to which we welcome the curious, the newcomers, and the experienced alike.

The LRCGB is licensed by the American Kennel Club and is a member club of The Labrador Retriever Club.