Our Code of Ethics is to be used as a guideline for all members of the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston with regard to owning, buying, selling, breeding, and exhibiting Labradors.

  1. Members must ensure that their dogs are kept safe and under control at all times, in all places. Members should properly train and socialize their dogs so that they are an asset to their community and be a true reflection of the breed. Dogs must be maintained with their safety and good health in mind at all times, as well as the safety of others.
  2. Members should keep in mind that they and their dogs represent the breed, the LRCGB, and the sport of purebred dogs in general. They are expected to maintain good sportsmanship at all events and competitions, abiding by the applicable rules and regulations. Conduct should always be in accordance with the objectives and intent of the LRCGB bylaws and the rules and regulations of the AKC.
  3. All dogs used for breeding must be registered with the AKC, be eligible for AKC registration or be registered with the kennel club appropriate for the country of residence. Members who breed are encouraged to maintain the purpose of the breed and select breeding stock with the objectives associated with the AKC breed standard, with regard to appearance, structure, soundness, temperament, natural ability and personality that characterize the Labrador Retriever. Labrador coat colors are Black, Yellow and Chocolate, per our standard.
  4. Breeders should keep accurate breeding records, registration papers and pedigrees. Sires and dams should be free of known hereditary diseases at the time of breeding. In the best interest of the Labrador Retriever, member breeders are encouraged to utilize all available methods of testing to do their best to maximize soundness and minimize genetic problems, with litters to be produced with the intention of improving the breed.
  5. Where sales and service arrangements are concerned, all members are required to abide by the laws of the state in which that member resides. All advertising shall be factual, informative and free of fraudulent or misleading statements. Any screening exams and health clearances should be readily available to those concerned and any major past or present health or temperament concerns should be disclosed. Members should not sell dogs at auction or to brokers or commercial dealers. All buyers should receive a record of immunizations, worming, pedigree and other appropriate kennel club documents
  6. The breeder has the responsibility of assuring, to the best of their ability, a safe and healthy home for each puppy they produce. Dogs not intended for breeding purposes should be sold on limited registration. Dogs that are being sold and represented as worthy of being bred and competing in specific types of sport, should be selected with the utmost care.